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ah ok

I find it odd that the ttlg threads linked for recommendations stop at 2014, I'm pretty sure some worthwhile stuff has come out since then
I dunno, you got any cool stuff that has come out recently? patriot seems interesting since it looks like a full fledged campaing like T2X

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I like these
specially Hell Under Hell

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>But one thing I do find really odd about them is how inflated their scores are on Steam. Dusk, Ion Maiden, Amid Evil all have Overwhelmingly Positive Steam scores
I think this is not a big mystery. The grand majority of people who bought them probably never would bother setting up a sourceport and playing Doom/Quake/etc, even if it's a very simple process. So playing nu-retro games is the next best thing. So their overwhelmingly positive scores are not *just* for the game they're reviewing in question, but also the baggage of the actual retro games it's based on that they remember from their childhood / or that they never got around to playing but know are "cool".

I'm not saying this is a bad thing, I liked DUSK. I'm just saying I think it's easy to explain if you take nostalgia and peoples' laziness into account.

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just finished a project I was working on because the guy doing the music for a skit bailed out on me two weeks in a row

so Im going to reward myself with some QUACK map jam goodnes

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No one seems to dig the OP pun
Man I'm bummed

Or should I say

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