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Anyone played with the unofficial translation patch? How is it?

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Anyone got any tips before I start properly playing this?
Like what stats to invest points into for each character etc

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It needs at least five JRPGs, three of those must be made by Square or Enix, one of which must be Chrono Trigger. Bonus points if it's one that was never officially localized.

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Is it possible to create a mod to change the Ring system to allow combat to continue?

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So me and my girlfriend are doing a let's play of Seiken Densetsu 3, Hustle Cat, and later tonight Final Fantasy 9. We were kinda getting into acting out the characters and giving them individual voices. I had a lot of fun with it and was wondering if there were any other note worthy let's plays that did this especially with retro games and with more than one person playing.

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ITT: any stories about the 'hardships' you had to go through to find a game/figure something out about or in a game/whatever before Google was a thing

I remember playing SoM and then reading in GamePlayers that Final Fantasy Adventure (which I'd never played) was actually the first game in this series and that SoM was "Sacred Mana Sword 2". I have no idea who they got to translate, but hey, close enough at the time. I played that (never had a GameBoy so I bought the Super GameBoy cart and the game) and this shortly became my favorite series. Like a year later, Secret of Evermore was being advertised and I thought like a bunch of people that it was the third game that I only knew was supposed to be a thing because Nintendo Power mentioned a *second* game. Then they said it wasn't, and that it was only released in Japan "at the moment".

During this time my dad worked for a big car audio company and made trips abroad. I wrote down the title of the game, gave it to him and on his next trip to Japan, one of the dealers who had known my dad for like five years actually had a son who owned a bunch of Square games and knew exactly what it was. He was kind enough to give my dad his specific work email in the event he wanted to actually pay him to buy the game and ship it over.

So, I eventually said screw SoE and spent a stupid amount of money having my dad import this game on the word of this acquaintance of his. Took months to show up. Then it took a while because I didn't have internet at home and had nobody to ask about this sort of thing to figure out how to play it. Eventually I "modded" (incidentally correctly) the console just to make the game fit without any adapter and was shocked that it worked. Then I just pretended I understood the text. Wasn't until like 2003 that I even knew about emulators and at that point I really didn't regret it, but goddamn was the story a lot different than what I thought was going on if that translation is correct.

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Seiken Densetsu 3.

It was so bugged, Square was too ashamed to release it in the West ( but it seemed ok for japs standards ). Some stats and mechanics don't work at all ( crits ), and a lot of abilities are broken.

The combat is slower than you'd expect from an action RPG and often consists in mashing A and press B once in a while. You are also very dependent on a dumb as fuck AI, and it's not uncommon to see of of your partners get stuck if any obstacle blocks his path.

Magic is a central part of the game, but it's also completely useless. Offensive magic is utter garbage asides from one specific spell only one character can learn if she has the correct class. This makes a lot of other classes useless.

Try to keep it /vr/

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not you aren't

Seiken Dentetsu is way superior

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One of the most annoying things I've encountered in gaming and I need some help. So I'm at the end of Seiken Densetsu 3 and I'm trying to get the second class change for my third character. Problem is no matter what I do the ??? Seeds keep giving me the same stuff. Tried to reset the game, dicking around doing other stuff and coming back to plant them, planting them at different places, etc. But no matter what every time I plant these seeds I get the same items. I'm looking for a way to cycle through the ??? seed items because I've been seriously grinding for a few hours trying to get something new.

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