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3D floors are now supported by Cyberrunner more-or-less completely! Unfortunately, there are a few technical limitations to be aware of.

- 3D floors less than 16 units wide on the Z axis will sometimes not register collisions. The thinner, the less likely you'll collide.
- 3D floors bound to the same sector that are less than 16 units apart have undefined behavior. Do not rely on them.
- 3D floors touching the floor cannot be walljumped off of. This is due to the 3D floor check only going down, since it's a pretty expensive check.
- Non-solid 3D floors can be walljumped off of. There is no way to detect if a 3D floor is solid. If there was, I wouldn't have to create the damn 3D floor checking ACS.

It's a shame that these limitations are in place, but it's the best we have. Regardless, the addition of 3D floors to Cyberrunner's repertoire vastly extends the possibilites maps can take.

pic related: the code to do this

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