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Today's progress! And hopefully the last one so you don't get burned out of replaying my map.

Everything up to the Red Skull altar and placing it is done. The last thing you should is is the Red Skull door lowered and leading to an empty room. With IDDT you can see the placeholder rooms where the final trial before the final boss will take place.

I've made sure no challenge is too impossible while still being challenging and also there's a good amount of ammo and health.


The only thing I haven't really figured out yet is how to keep Polyobject doors permanently opened. Right now I just gave them a buttload of seconds before they close.

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Haven't made much progress in the last two days.
Yesterday I slept almost the whole day and today got some Super Bomberman R myself but at least I've managed to complete the second wave as a trial for the Red Skull but I'm afraid I might have gone a little overboard.
What do you think of the second wave of enemies and item distribution in this room?
My idea for the player in this room is to choose priorities.

I've been thinking of adding an Invulnerability Sphere to use along with the berserker for the sake of fun.


The level should end with a "You've earned the Red Slull!" message, no door yet.
With this there's just the last trial and final boss left.

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Alright, I noticed in the first file I uploaded today I fucked up the script for the combat against the mini army.

I took your advises for the rooms that were done, tried to spice things up a little, some fixes here and there and I'd say 45% of my map is done.
Without jumping cheating and anything, would you think I'm being to tight with ammo, health and power ups for the battle after the yellow skull door?

Also, I know the camera sees a missing gap in the tree at the start, I'm on it.


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