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>switch hunt becomes such a chore in a map that you no clip to the exit

I need to grab that eternal switch hunt image.

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Bloody Brilliant.
>Randall is an archvile
>Waternoose is a spidermastermind
If I gave more of a fuck, I'd doodle these immediately.

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just imagine juicing a soulsphere like one would an orange

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>Thunder outside.
Atleast you have sun it's about to pour here.

Now i've got a headache because of my sinuses.

On the up-side the best enviroment to play dark doom or really any scary wad is during a rain/thunderstorm or late at night.

or if the circumstances allow it, both.

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Purely speculation, by the way. I merely wondered if the Soulspheres could have something to do with the "...but they're with me now." line, and made a gif to illustrate. I forgot to specifically quote it, though. Oops

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