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Hey /vr/! How do I get other people into playing old shitty games with me? Nine times out of ten, it's just me, my NES/SNES/whatever I feel that day and alcohol. I have a couple of friends who are into /vr/, but neither of them are too social really. Am I just fucked here? My significant other will play /vr/ stuff with me if I am desperate, but it feels really forced and they clearly don't desire it most of the time.

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Genesis / SNES. Early 3D required way more than the hardware given. Look at OOT and CBFD running at 20 fps stable.

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I know I'm gonna get flamed for this, but fuck it. I think most Mario games are bland and borderline boring. The only ones I like are Mario 2 US and Super Mario World 2... neither of which are *really* mario games. Oh and I like Super Mario RPG too... but again.. not really a Mario game...

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