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If you have Win10, you're fucked. Get yourself Win7 on that same machine and switch to it when playing older. Better yet, get XP
And no, not virtual emulator or some other shit, but actual system installed on your hard drive.

Also, unless you are a /v/tard, there was absolutely not a single reason to "upgrade" to Win10.

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>strong indepentend wooooomaaaan (tic-tac)"

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OP here

I agree, I'm playing Dragon Age Origins right, now that's what I call a real RPG.

I enjoy more DAO than any game you could mention, including their shitty secuels (DOA >>>> DOI >>>>>>>>>>>>> DO2), and the mods, man, thank the maker for all the MODS.

yep, witcher 3 is a great game. but I found the last battle and ending of wild hunt, well, how should I put it, little cold and simple. Now the DLC are clearly a superior matter, Hears of Stone && Blood and Wine are Top Tier.

rly, but the gameplay in BG2 is the same shit isn't, I was thinking when I was boring with BG1, I should stop and instead start with BG2, but I could even play more than 5 minutes cause, it looks like the BG1 with HD, same shitty in better pixels, fuck no.

Oh man, Dragon Age Origins is a cool story bro. I know the archdemon is not that top-boss bad ass enemy like I don't know, Sauron or Morgoth, but the Logain Arc and the story behind characters is cool enough for me yo.

what the fuck is suposed to mean that?

29 boy reporting you know. In my 90s I was a kid, I was deeply into games since Win95 man.

thanks for the honest answer, that's what a call a decent conversation between gamers.

Let me answer in other answer cause is interesting you POV.

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>mfw I first played Terranigma shortly after watching Castle of Cagliostro

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