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I loved using the Eva units in SRWF, they have shit ranged weapon attacks but the melee attacks with the progressive knife are very powerful, and most non-boss units can't do shit to them due to AT Field.
I was surprised the first time I got an Eva shot down though, I think it was by Sati and her monstruous mech.
In the series, Nerv knows that some non-Eva weapons can penetrate AT field, but it depends on how powerful the AT field is.
I only managed to beat the angels on SRW F with the Evas.
On F Final, Evas were no longer that much needed though, I was mostly relying on Ideon and its ide power to defeat the most difficult missions. Although sometimes, I just let Eva-01 go Berserk and wreck everything, even if that means paying a lot for repairs.

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[screaming beast intensifies]

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