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And with flash carts ROM != emulation anymore so you can play downloaded roms on original hardware. Playstation 2 fan? Get a fat model and a chink network adapter with a FMCB memory card and bam! You can play as many games as you can fit on a 2tb hdd. There were really neat compilations for the PS2, the Genesis collection and the SNK arcade stuff immediately comes to mind.

Last Monday night I had an urge to play some Bucky O'Hare. It was one of my favorite games as a kid but I lost my copy 20 years ago and I've missed that game ever since. Current prices for that cart are fucking insane, thank God for roms. So I checked my folders and lo and behold, there was Bucky. It took me 5 hours to beat the game (my first time doing so) and I had a fucking blast, it was just as intense as I remembered it. It sucks that don't have my childhood copy anymore but in the end what matters is the game. Never once did I think "oh I'm playing this ROM file on my Wii, of all things... and with this weird-ass Classic controller" nope when a game is that good none of that shit matters. It was just like winning a trip back to my living room in 1993.

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