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My man.

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Classicvanias in terms of quality:

Rondo Of Blood > III > I > Bloodlines > IV > Dracula X

Bear in mind, IV is the easiest, but not very representative of the series. I would personally recommend starting with Castlevania I on the NES, even though it's rough on first-timers. I love RoB, and it's easier than the NES games, but it plays like a tribute to its predecessors, so I recommend saving it for later.

With Metroidvania, you really can't go wrong with starting at Symphony Of The Night. It's less polished than some of the later entries in the series, like Aria Of Sorrow, but it's a nice place to start, and really one of the essential games that everyone into retro gaming should play. Also, its aesthetics are absolutely gorgeous. Stay away from the XBLA version, though. It doesn't feel good to use an analog stick, since movement is digital, and it doesn't have I Am The Wind at the end.

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...and Symphony of the Night, they're the two that first come to mind for me.

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Easy there champ.

>Looking at screenshots and videos of SotN I don't see any polygonal work on the player character, 2D or otherwise

Try playing the games, looking at screenshots or checking random videos won't make you knowledgeable about the games you're trying to discuss.

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