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What's the optimum number of bits a game can have? I love the classic feel of NES games, but definatly would want SNES graphics and Megadrove sound. So I'm thinking like twelve or thirteen bits, but then I like playstation features like rumble and memory card so I'mwondering if it's more like 15 or more. Maybe 15.32 bits to have a minor 32 like psx but then it seems like 13.37 bits is more logical?? Thanks

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Can't really say.
My favorites, and the ones I consider the masterpieces of the past-
ALttP(finest piece of gaming ever created IMO)
FFIX(the definitive jrpg)
Metroid(ZM my preferred rendition)
Chrono Trigger
Age of Wonders(just love the atmosphere of this game)
MK2(this game defines the 90s for me)
Contra(no better pick-up-and-play for me)

Those are my tops. Though there's far more that shine brightly as well. As you can tell, I grew up on Nintendo and Sony.
When your parents run a tight budget, that's how it goes. I will give a shout out to Sega though. I'm gaining a great appreciation for the Genesis.
Badass little som'bitch.

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>How do you think this will be handled in the future?
It's already been handled. Emulation.
>it's not perfect!
Nothing is, what's your point?

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what if they made an open source virtua racer where you can polymodel your own cars/tracks?

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