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We need to find james. I hope hes not tied up om mikes basement... mike could have snapped and kidnapped james. Also bootsy never puts out conteng, mike couldve killed bootsy.. oh fuck mime is a loose cannon.

We need to expose mike, free james and find bootsys corpse as evidence as mikes psychopathy!!!!

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>Only now getting into Doom due to Brutal Doom.
>Browse for more stuff
>Discover ZDoom forums
>Find "Projects" section
>97 Pages of possible gems to find

Holy crap.

Megawads, Weapon sets, Overhauls, Tweaks and who know what else. Its gonna take me a long while to sift through all those pages before I run out of things to play.

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>56bit console

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>playing in tate for the first time

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>found my GBA today from years ago
>mfw the hinges cracked but it still works because of the video ribbon thing still connected to it

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Actually, your serious reply to a joke leads me to believe someone here is.

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>mon visage quand this voice acting is from 1993 and is better than 90% of Playstation era voice acting

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>An original, classic trilogy
>the long gap of no titles after the third one that reveals just how close the characters really are to each other
>Suddenly, news of a new one!
>early press info gets you so hyped, and it's a super prequel that will tell you the origins of the evil villain of the franchise and the setting

>actually comes out and it's a disappointing mess
>villains origins aren't nearly as interesting as you had hoped he would be
>all the magic and charm of the originals lost under ugly strange looking things and LOOK AT HOW AWESOME OUR GRAPHICS ARE
>bunch of awful new characters shoved at you and you're told to love them and expect to see them even more now but they don't have the likability of those who came before them
>series has now stagnated, becoming a parody of the once great franchise it was once was
>is now almost a dirty word

Mother of god...

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it's beautiful

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