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>what a waste of space this thread is.
At least it's still on-topic. There's way worse threads on the board you could complain about.
The thread will go to shit when the SMB3 vs World/Allstars autist appears, though.

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>Belt-scrolling beat 'em ups are boring
>Space Harrier is more fun than Star Fox and later rail shooters
>Columns is better than Tetris
>The fifth generation was mostly a step backward for console games (but was the golden years of PC gaymen); the Gamecube was a more fun console overall than the Nintendo 64
>The NES is possibly the greatest console ever made
>Old-school game music doesn't get much better than FM synth tunes from someone who actually knows what they're doing
>SID music is overrated
>The Playstation lacks the charm that Nintendo and Sega consoles had
>I like Raiden Trad
>Super Mario World is better than Super Mario Bros. 3, even if it is way too easy
>RPGs are only really good for the music
>Newer FPS games like Cowadooty can be fun enough, and you're not hardcore or edgy for ripping on them
>1CC-obsessed arcade fanatics are insufferable spergs
>Emulating games is fine, even if it isn't for me
>Save states are fine for practicing with
>Owning a flash cart for each system you own along with a few nostalgic favorites is preferable to owning a huge collection of games you'll probably never even touch
>The best games are ones you can just pick up, play, and be done with quickly, rather than ones that are more story-heavy or have more drawn-out gameplay

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Mario did 9/11 in german nintendo canon

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