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>Honestly I wouldn't even know what /v/ thinks of Dark Souls.
Granted, my pic is from '12, right before /vr/. Since I don't go to /v/ stuff may have changed since.
>Ad hominem
There's a thing called "backing up your opinions". The fact that Arin was luckily right just means that "even a broken clock is right twice a day". If a guy that can't cook tries to convince you on how to cook and dismiss his opinions, that's not ad hominem.
If you are terrible at games like him you really can't form a solid opinion on them. He also probably parroted his opinions from somewhere else and claimed them as his own.

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Another one with the "top 100" format, which includes Final Fantasy VII unlike the previous one.

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>That's a troll chart you know.
Maybe, but by the type of trolling you know the kind of users.

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>I have to love it because /v/ said so.
Not anymore. The hivemind favours Doom now my dear. It's in fact cool to hate Half Life now in 2015.

I was way ahead of the bleating curve. I had a classic Doom game in my 3x3 way before /vr/ was made and the Doom general was established. I had it in there when hardly anybody would have Doom in their 3x3s. This was only in 2009 btw. Loads of people had Half Life and HL2 listed; meanwhile Doom and Doom clones like Duke were rare. Now you see a classic Doom game in every other 3x3. This is because 4chan groupthink '09 favoured HL. Now 4chan groupthink favours Doom and the modern 'consensus' is to call HL shit.

You're all just a bunch of idiot bandwagon jumping sheep tbh - unlike me. I always simply listed what I liked and as it turns out you now happen to be on the same page. You clueless fags just bleat whatever the 'consensus' is at the time.

Imagine if pic related was made today. You could bet your balls Doom would be a top 10 game, maybe even top 3. Yet here it sits at 34.


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