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Man, Golden Souls 2 is good fun and has a lot going for it but I can't help but think that the encounter design is pretty fucking weak. The large open areas in a lot of maps combined with the plethora of weapons accurate at long range just makes me go into shooting gallery mode way too often.

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Anyone have the text screen for beating map 11 on Doom 2?
I've been screencapping them all as I get them but my program stopped working for an update.

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This is looking really cool. It feels strange being hyped for a new action game

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sorry m8

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Keep posting stuff, I enjoy it.

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I'm kind of new to the whole Doom modding scene so I have to ask.
Why are modders like SGtMarkIV and CutmanMike so shunned by other members of the community ?

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Just another friendly reminder to pirate the IWADs if you plan to give DOOM, Heretic, and Hexen a try.

Bethesda delivered the ultimate slap to the face to John Carmack and his work for the company by developing a VR version of DOOM without him. Anyone who has read Masters of Doom knows how obsessed John Carmack is with the concept of virtual reality. The icing on the cake is that they're doing it with Oculus' direct competitors, the HTC Vive.

"But it's a port of the new game!", you might say. Well, the last thing Carmack made for id was the tool we know as SnapMap; so by any means, that counts as working for Doom '16.

They don't deserve your money for the 1993 game. Check the pastebin for a link.

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