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It might sound like a "wake up sheeple" but look how many people bought that travesty that was Fallout 76.
A game we didn't know anything about,what you do and in the end people complained about it and they bought it,
With the whole Bethesda track record they still did it.

Same for those Doom ports on the Switch.Now yeah,they fixed them but why being so hyped for a game that you can easily own on PC....and for free.
Not even an excuse for requirements,Doom can run on everything,even with GZDoom issues.
Especially with Doom 64,you have EX and Retribution and run just fine.

Ok,you want to play it outside,but how good do you expect to be on a FPS while you're waiting the bus or on the toilet?

I don't understand,everyone who has been in the fanbase for a while know about them,unless they're truly corporate shills.

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Got back playing Quake 3.Better re-download all those skins like Caleb and Duke etc.

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