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Metal Gear 1 on MSX2: some trucks have enemy soldiers inside them, but if you wait a while, they will leave and you can enter the truck safely.

Also, you can contact Schneider earlier by going two screens north from the starting point and switching the frequency numbers on your codec until you get an automatic call from him.

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I don't know about that. I thought Shoot Gunner and Running Man were memorable enough for me.

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>what should I know, /vr/?
Schneider's frequency number is 120.79. For some reason, they never tell you that in the manual, even though they expect you to know it.

Also, some trucks in the early areas of the game have enemies inside them, but they'll leave if you wait a bit. That's when you should enter them.

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Metal Gear 1 barely had any plot. The official English localization did remove dialogue, but it was nothing actually story related, just random playing tips. You're better off playing the fan-translation anyway, since the official English version only runs up to 50khz.

Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake was the first game in the series that actually had a semblance of a storyline and the one that most resembles the later MGS installments gameplay-wise .

>Good story
MGS2 was when the series' writing started to go downhill for me.

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You don't see much fanart for the MSX Metal Gears.

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