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Fuuuuck, I forgot to hide some weird linedefs from the automap. Here's another update godammit.


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>Why is Carmack so smug bros??

He knows what we don't know.

Didn't he said he has no pity for humanity or something like that? this guy is the king of the ayys.

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He wasn't expecting humanity would last this long...

Hell lobbies are full.

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Been thinking /vr/. So I hate resellers, like everyone else. There's a local store I stopped going to because they started out cool but started becoming reseller faggots, like telling me that a game they'd sell for $20 or more would be worth $5 or less credit. I mean double markup ok, but hitting me for 4x? Fuck that.

That being said, I understand why resellers, or more specifically stores, do what they do for it to be viable as far as a business. My question is this, if there was a store that was for collectors, by a collector that paid more than other stores in buy and trade value could it make up the potential losses of giving people a more fair market price for things? Or even if buying and trading wasn't an option and it was just selling and prices were set below ebay and other stores. It seems like initially you lose money but if enough word got out about such a store I'd think more people would do business there.

>tl;dr, would a bro-tier priced store we all dream of even be viable economically?

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