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>Making fun of the paranoia of taking an inb4 as confirmation it's true but ok
What a trainwreck of a sentence. Also:
>STILL thinks he's talking to one person

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>plays emulators
>responding to bait on 4chan
>telling anyone else to get a life

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Imagine pretending that one of the worst consoles ever made was anything other than a complete piece of shit, and having to post memes of a 25 year old marketing persona to defend it.

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>I don't have an argument, never played PD and only think turok is better because mommy bought it for me for christmas

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>You mean they have friends?
>implying that the person sitting in the dark by themselves playing emulators has friends and not the person with a splitscreen console
No anon, I quite simply mean that you are a faggot.

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It's called "emulation" for a reason: because it provides a replica of the experience, not the real experience -- and as this anon pointed out, the only playable PC version is a sad fascimile, not even the the original ROM. Apparently the source code has been lost to time so the chances of ever seeing a real DOOM 64 port to PC are slim to none. If you want the real deal, play the game with an actual N64 on a CRT. Both an N64 and the game are dirt cheap, so you really have no excuse for emulating it other than being ignorant or a jew.

DOOM 64 is, in my opinion, the best game in the series and deserves to be played as it was intended. Ask for an extra shift at McDonald's or whatever shit hole you work at and you'll easily be able to afford it.

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>So preserving some stranger's old game saves that will never be used again is most definitely autism.
Not that anon but just pointing out, you seem like the autistic one in this scenario. There is nothing abnormal about playing around with a save file you find on a forlorne memory card or cartridge game and thinking "I wonder who this person was", in the same way you might find a diary and imagine such a thing. It's just a nifty little bit of history from a bygone era that's fun to revisit. True autism is lacking the capability to understand abstract or complex emotions, which is a problem you seem to suffer from since you are so intent on calling anyone who has any monicum of a soul "autistic". You're the same kind of douche who says "there's no reason to play games on an actual console when you can just emulate them, it's no different". It's like saying that someone who appreciates antiques has autism just because they aren't better than new things, or someone who appreciates fine wine is autisic because box wine is cheaper, or someone who appreciates literally anything on a deeper level and isn't just a mindless drone motivated by binary ideas must be autistic. No, contrary to what you believe, not everyone who actually has a fucking soul is "autistic". You're just a bitter faggot. End of story.

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>What's the point then?
Not that anon but this is a fucking retarded statement. Story doesn't matter in a game. If it's there, great, but it isn't required. Faggots like you are the reason "cinematic experiences" have become the preferred focus of developers because you care more about cringey, autistic stories than good gameplay. Do you need a story to play Pac-Man? No. If you want story, go watch a movie or read a book. Games are for having fun, and I don't need "motivation" to play fucking chess or poker.

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>"The Crash series is really good"
>I've only owned Sega consoles

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