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>hota-dude here
Hey HotA dude, not that anon but it's nice to see you here again! Considering that you've kept it lore-friendly so far, have you guys considered adding Vori elves?
According to the lore, three creatures lived on Vori - Snow Elves, Frost Giants and Azure dragons - so you could have a mix of these creatures along with polar bears, arctic wolves etc. Balancing the Azure dragons would likely be a nightmare but you could just create another tier 7 unit.
And as a bonus, their native terrain would be snow (obviously), you wouldn't even have to create any additional decorations (although it would be highly appreciated), just creature dwellings.

>What's better?
That depends one whether you're playing a saga or a single scenario.
Picking a Warrior Lord makes the most sense for smaller scenarios (I'm referring to the map size), while the Guildmaster and Mage Lord are better for larger ones. Saga is a different animal altogether, as pretty much every combination of lord and hero is viable in the long run.

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Really difficult. Only the Russians and some Chinese on ERA (using a script that replaces all assets upon visiting a chosen town) succeeded at it. Your best bet is waiting for VCMI - a new engine that emulates Heroes 3 gameplay and utilises its assets. Right now, there's a real push from the devs to improve AI, but you can already add new spells, creatures, secondary skills, even whole towns and play original maps with them. All in the framework of existing H3 mechanics and a few expanded ones. It's not exaclty script-tier, thought its possibilities are also slowly being expanded. Not as high priority as AI, though. However, anyone who knows C++ can easily download the newest build to code and contribute new features.

Check out the timed message after the established time limit in the last map of the campaign.

It's been my dream for some long time now. Back in the day, some Russians made one fine town screen. Only thing left to do is whip up some arctic-oriented units and put everything into game. According to the lore, three creatures lived on Vori - Snow Elves, Frost Giants and Azure dragons. Minotaurs raided the Island and had serious feud with giants. And there are 42 words in Vori language for cheese.

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