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Also, you can't take a lot of shortcuts like you can with sprites, because then you end up with this.

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It might be funny to see how bad it looks.
Pic related.

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Theoretically, but if you think that A), this will look good, and B), that you still won't have to do 80% of the work, You've Got Another Thing Coming.

We had a guy here who put in painstaking effort sculpting an entire monster into voxels, a minotaur, and in a sense it was neat, but he ran into the following problems:
>his whopping 200fps dropped down to like 80fps with just a couple dozen of these guys in a simple test level, imagine a comparable ratio based on your own average FPS, as well as how much it drops if there's a couple hundred of them in a real level
>GZDoom is the popular port right now that is capable of supporting voxels, and by supporting voxels, I mean that the .exe renders each voxel as an individual 1x1x1 polygon box, which is *grotesquely* inefficient, not helped by GZDoom kind of being married to its current way of using processing power and memory, which in 2019 is not a particularly optimal setup for certain tasks and circumstances already (but moving away from it isn't actually very realistic either)
>it took a shitload of time for him to do this
>it all looked fucking awkward in motion anyway
>it might have looked better if he put in the effort of animating his minotaur at 1 animation frame per tic, which might actually look really smooth and good, but that's a *shitload* more times the work than he had already spent so much time putting in, and all for just one monster
I think voxel rendering is a cool concept, but for Doom in particular, there's some substantial hurdles, especially if you want to do monsters, and I think some of these will translate to other games and engines.

For now, I think it can make some static (or mostly static) objects look pretty damn cool, but there's a lot of work and difficulty involved.

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That looks awkward as hell

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>voxel monsters
>good looking
Uh, yeah.

The biggest problems is that rendering a lot of voxels in GZDoom quickly consumes a lot of memory.

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>I think E2 is the most atmospheric and thematically cool episode
Exactomundo, by far the comfiest part, the atmosphere of a derelict spacebase infested by demons is near impenetrable to me.

Yeah, animating. Voxel monsters look like SHIT.

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>i'm sure everything would look perfect

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When E3M6 freezes over.

>voxel monsters
How about no?

And P2P multiplayer is just allaround atrocious.

If anyone were to put that together, it'd be Mark.

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There's pretty much no 3D models made for Doom that look good.

Digitized real world models like the original? Yeah, that works. Prerendered and then processed? That can work too, Strife did that.
Voxels? Can work for static objects, switches, and certain effects, but it's processor intensive if you have too much of it, and difficult to animate. Pic related.

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>voxel monsters
Good luck.

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Voxel monsters look very much like shit, there'd be an unbelievable amount of work needed to make even one set of rotations, and it's very very difficult to make it look good.

Couple this with Brutal Doom already being processor intensive as it is, and you've got yourself a whole lot of exercise in futility.

I think voxels can be very good when used in the right places, but you'd might as well just render actual models if you want three dimensions.

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Wait, I fixed it, seems I fucked it up by messing with inheritance.

Still have this problem though: >>1540497

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Did something ever come out of this?

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I'm going to improve the another anon's barrel. What do prefer, a pre-shaded voxel that may not match the actual lightning or a plain one that may not look like the sprite you know?

look what I found in the original teamhellspawn's tread

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