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Had the same exact set, except it was red. The gun was cool to use as a toy because of how satisfying the click was. Like someone else said, most of the games were arcade ports or really random games no one gave a shit about, but I appreciate it for exposing me to such games as a kid when I didn't know better. I was born in 97 but I'll get down on some fuckin Clu Clu Land and Mappy.

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I dunno about you but in the early and mid 2000s these things were super popular. They often resembled a controller from some random retro system like an n64 and would be a plug and play device loaded up with a random set of 60 games or so. The variety of games I had were very similar to the ones I often see posted or talked about here so most of them probably had the same rompacks or something. I used to see these all the fuckin time at malls and random department stores. Not much of an exclusively third world thing, I think maybe you just weren't around or never had one.
pic is the one i had many years ago

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