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>sector waterfall
>there's no secret behind it

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> caring about 1P mode

it's just not that fun

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>legit thread topic
>half the posts are summerbait

why do I even bother look at non-doom threads in /vr/

99% of the time they're total garbage

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How do you even manage to tie your shoes everyday without accidentally amputating your fingers?

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>Google Chrome
>Windows 8

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The diagonals aren't perfect. I replayed SotN the other day on it and going back and forth between it, a PS1 pad, and my CC Pro I ran into some trouble pulling off a lot of the spell motions because the DS4 was too sensitive.

It's an incredible multi-purpose pad but it lacks precision.

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here you go m8

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Just started a new game of Earthbound a couple of days ago. With all the hype I see for it nowadays, I was cynical enough about it. But the music and setting are just so good. Haters be trippin.

Then I had a full inventory when the HappyHappy leader was suppose to give me the key. Then I saved. He won't give it to me. Now I've to start all over.

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>Paying that much for mello yello in a surge can.

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>Alcohol before video games
Why anon?

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For licensed games, never.

For ROM hacks where necessary/explicitly stated to use, yes.

>Savestating any DKC
>Savestating on the easiest DKC
>Savestating on the level with the obvious warp

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>honestly... Donkey Kong Country was never very good

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>Rayman and Hercules
Goddamn I love Klonoa and Tomba but that's just wrong.

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>Contra was about the easiest NES game ever made

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I love retro video games, platformer, action, adventure, racing, fight, rpg, i play nearly everything as long as it is RETRO. But i have no one to play them with me, of the few people i know irl who like video games nearly as much as i do, none of them likes retro video games.

You know, sometimes i wish an emulator with some kind of network connection had been invented so i could play retro video games with you guys.

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I refuse to believe that these are /vr/ regulars arguing amongst each other. I also don't even have to read it from start to finish to know that it's shit.


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>Well Nintendo doesn't really seem to care about retro. While they do have the virtual console they never really done anything with it.

Ain't it the fucking truth. So much missed opportunity.

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>price sticker on the label

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Should I support this local startup, or avoid it like the plague?


I don't understand why they're using an HDTV for retro consoles. I don't understand why they have no 8-bit consoles despite their name indicating they're all about 8-bit. I don't understand why there are no retro computers. No retro handhelds. No lesser-known consoles to really draw in the curious. It seems like a quick and dirty cash-in on the "retro craze" that's sweeping pseudofashionable people right now. And that makes me sad.

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>Most of you don't want GAMES. You want digital novels but for some insane reason you can't stand your interactive novels not being called games because you like the idea of being able to fool yourself into thinking you are someone who beats games that have no actual gaming aspect to them.

Anon, you're projecting thoughts and feelings onto people again. That's not okay.

That's bad.

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"What's DKC?" the enthusiastic children inquired.
>uhh mumble umm
"What a weird guy," they mused as they left the store, still oblivious to the joy of Donkey Kong Country.

Way to go. You could have shown them some cool-ass games.

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>DKCReturns Whats this I don't even butchering my childhood...
But fuck yeah DKC2 My all time favorite game.

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Super Metroid
Pokemon Trading Card Game GB
Roller Coaster Tycoon 2
LoZ: Majora's Mask
LoZ: Zelda II
LoZ: Link's Awakening
Donkey Kong Country
Super Mario RPG
Pokemon Snap
Super Earth Defense Force
Tails Adventure
Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy Tactics A2

And trying to get MechWarrior 3 to work with my Steel Battalion controller. I already have MW4 working, but I don't enjoy it as much.

I have ADD

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