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He does have the staples still, just not all the way down his head. There looks like there might be a scar on the right side (our left) that goes down a ways to sort of make up for the removal of the former. Anyways, I like his look. His previous iteration only ever looked scary to me in the original Re3 cutscenes, but every other interpretation of him with updated graphics emphasized the cartoonishness of his design too much and just made him look like a comic book monster instead of a reanimated corpse/nightamre fuel creature. They would make him too angry and make his brow extremely large to show it, they'd make his head big and round to make it look more grotesque but instead take away from the fact that his neck is obscenely wide and too big due to his being a hulking mountain of death. I hate his ORC look, for what I'm trying to get across. Meanwhile this new look has a blank, dead gaze, his skull just tapering out as it hits his neck and shoulders with what's left of his skin tightly pulled over bulging musculature, the oversized teeth to make him look like a mutation from a T-103 as opposed to just one that got hit by a bus. And lastly, the nose imo, I like that it's there to make him more realistic,(again because just keeping it faithful but in HD looks goofy) but making it crooked the way it is, in proper lighting it's not noticable and he sorta goes back to looking like his old self. But up close and in the light he doesn't look like a Doom enemy like pic related.

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