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The NDA was lifted apparently so videos shouldn't be too hard to find, I thik his reveal trailer was also put up a few weeks ago. I still can't play myself due to the obscene upload bandwidth requirements but it's worth keeping up with.

More than likely, yeah. Not only does Quake 1 have even less backstory to work with than Doom (no continuing lore in other games, no intermission screens beyond numbers and the occasional paragraph that basically says "you touch the rune and lose a bit more of your mind," the instruction manual backstory doesn't even have anything to do with the rest of the game), but Ranger doesn't even get the suspiciously-looking-around animation like Doomguy, just various stages of pissed off, bleeding, and bleeding while pissed off. Only ones that differ are the maniacal grins for picking up a Pentagram or Quad Damage, aka "I can feel the old ones in my head and it is good" 'cause that shit sure ain't manmade.

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Another victim of rushed development probably, the earliest Quake dev screenshots (i.e. the one with the dragon) don't have any face on the HUD at all. To be fair it would make sense for Ranger to be less animated and attentive than BJ or Doomguy- "pissed off at everything" being his default state and all.

>q3a on darkplaces.png

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wouuuuuaaaah Eeehhh Eehhh

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I'm keen. Have never made a quake map before, but have done a lot of doom mapping/modding. Would be interested in trying it out

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Look at those cheeks and chin, dude
THat's Ranger as fuck

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What would quake have been like if the iD team weren't burnt out after designing the engine, and decided to drop in doom weapons and gameplay in order to get the game finished, instead of sticking with their idea of a more RPG-like 3rd person game with NPCs?

Also you just can't compete with 3D level design. sorry doom. Its unfair to compare one game to its successor, like comparing a Tiger to a Panzer IV; both excellent tanks, just in different classes.

Both are sensational games, I remember playing shareware doom from floppy disks, renting a brand new (at the time) sega saturn and playing Doom .
I bought quake when it first came out, me and my bro used to play it every time we went to our grandparents house after school. So many great memories.

As someone who loves sound, quakes music and atmosphere is the dealbreaker. real CD audio instead of MIDI, supplied by no less that trent reznor-inspired-by-coil. One of the all time best game soundtracks in my opinion. Doom doesn't even rank top 10 in that regard, sorry, thrash metal pseudo-covers on MIDI just doesn't cut it, some ok music by mr prince, but quake has something unique, and I feel it really gelled with the aesthetic of the game to make what doom lacked: a fully immersive experience.

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I played Duke3D modem-to-modem by going to a bulletin board and arranging matches. After I got an Internet connection (1997) I started playing Quake deathmatch via Quakeworld, and later Team Fortress. I think most of the servers I used then were ran by ISPs, which is unthinkable today.

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