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>That's because you need to pay for an expensive license to use Blu-Ray™

Only if you want to play movies, and it requires a specific application to do it the legal way too. The MPAA seriously fucked over PCs in that regard with their insane levels of mandatory DRM that were so asinine nobody bothered, especially for 4K.

>computers survived the previous two decades before CD or whatever using this magical thing called "write protect". it's not seen as a downside at all. what drugs are you on?

You mean that little notch that you can just put tape over or even shove a wad of paper into the hole to re-enable writing? This applied to both floppy disks and cassettes too.

Also, the first consumer CDs were in 1982. The first PC software to come on a CD was in 1987. The first consumer PC was in 1971, and it didn't even have any way to connect a drive or cassette to it, that's already barely a single decade much less two. The Commodore PET was released in 1977, that's barely half a decade before the first CD-ROM application.

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