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Actually not THAT bad of a game, just a mediocre platformer, but I like it.
It has a somewhat original mechanic that's kinda obscure (discovered just a few years ago when I replayed it, didn't know it as a kid): when you jump once, press jump again just as you're landing to make a higher jump, like a spring effect.

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Tom and Jerry, average platformer, not really horrible but it has a huge difficulty spike in the 3rd world and the controls/hibox aren't the most friendly. Still I replay this game once in a while for nostalgia's sake, it's very short when you know what you're doing. Also knowing you can do a higher jump.
I also like the music, even though it's just 2 really generic MIDI organs and nothing else, and just 2 tracks during the whole game, I still find them charming.

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