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Maybe. Or the courage side would have lit up, but that would have looked weird.

At least, we know that in the retail version of the game, the Triforce isn't real, no matter how hard you try to get into the cavern beneath Zora's Domain.

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What were some secrets or features in video games that you searched for but never actually existed? I'll start

>OoT Unicorn Fountain
>Luigi in SM64
>Mew under the truck in Pokemon Blue
>Dragons in Morrowind (a friend told me they were there if you levitated high enough)

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Next year in Hyrusalem!

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Why is it that Ocarina of Time has the most interesting beta and cut elements of any game? What about it makes it so mysterious feeling?

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if true, any way to contact these people?

I'm sitting on a small fortune I wouldn't mind going towards the first Zelda 64
hell, I'll even take the unicorn fountain build

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>There is an unused Navi information spot in the spinning blade room of the Ice Cavern. It uses actor 011B, which triggers a Navi message when walked upon. However, it is located underneath the steps that lead into the room, rendering it impossible to trigger. Its placement suggests that the steps were added to the room's geometry prior to the placement of the actor. The text generated would have been the following: I can hear a voice from somewhere... It's saying: "Collect five silver Rupees..."

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At first I thought this was fake but turns out Rareware really did intend there to be a GBC counterpart to the N64 title much like with Perfect Dark. The same idea was present here also in that plugging the GBC cartridge into the N64 controller adapter would unlock cheats in the N64 version of Jet Force Gemini.

Unfortunately the development team didn't have time to put everything they wanted into JFG so content was slashed including the amount of cheats. Considering this loss of functionality and the lack of interest in previous GBC titles it's understandable that they cancelled the release of the
Supposedly the game was pretty much complete before that happened however not much is known about this prototype still because the guy who leaked it threw a massive bitch fit asking for $$$ instead of dumping the contents. Doesn't help how dubious he made the cartridge appear.

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Unicorn fountain that's in place of a regular fairy fountain

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The Unicorn Fountain is my favorite of the unused elements. It just seems so mystical.

Apparently Zeth somehow found the code for that area in the rom and restored it. Too bad that project's cancelled.

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