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are you going to rotate them so everyone's salisbury steak is at the bottom of the plate

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what, no rupees?

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I think this author debuted in HFFM, and this map wouldn't be too out of place in that set. Loads of tight encounters in this one. The map starts with a little infighting puzzle before opening up to a fun clusterfuck of cacodemons, revenants and imps, with ample arms and cover to deal with them. The next 2 encounters make good use of limited space to create engaging fights. The final encounter after collecting all keys fucked me over the first time, but the map's short enough for me to ignore it.

Verdict: Good shit

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I fucked up with that one and made an updated version.

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Fancy animations you got there

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I think it looks amazing. I want it to replace the cultist sprites.

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a REKKR moonbase?

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Did you guys know you can just type "Map *" into the console to just warp to whatever map you're currently on, clearing your inventory and doing a pistol start?
That means you could easily make a dedicated pistol start button with a custom bind.

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That's a good ass sketch.

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Ooh this is really good though, what is this for anon?

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We should all have a go at coloring the op-image and then post results.
It'll be fun

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It's true, here's the fixed version for anyone that wants it

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what is this? super interested

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Nice shotgun.

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>merge with z&
>Modern GZDoom features
>z& netplay
It's too good to be true though, that'll never happen.

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You can make maps for Goldeneye 64?

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>Never read this in full
>Never knew I could mark spots on the automap

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pretty sure that's because of zdoom coding it in. The only acceletarion in vanilla doom is downwards to simulate gravity

marathon their own 2.5d vector physics engines and rotts used an a modified version of wolf3d engine. Wolfenstein 3D already XZY angles and vector physics but had even less features because it was designed in 1990 hardware. I'm certain they understood what the DOOM engine allowed for and built their games with it in mind.

They could not solve the rendering problem, but had several years worth of hardware upgrades that allowed them to add extra features and not slow their games to a crawl. So they made couple Z level features to their games. They could have used that time and effort to polish their games desu

The question would be which game began development first. Let me check... aaand here it is.

As the game was getting into deeper development, project leader Scott Miller was contacted by John Romero, informing Miller that the project had been cancelled. Miller suspected that this was because id Software did not want to draw the spotlight away from their upcoming game, Doom.[4] In order to keep as many of the numerous game assets the team had already created from going to waste, Tom Hall came up with a new storyline which still incorporated the Nazi themes seen in the Wolfenstein series.[4]

Here you have it boys. Marathon began development in reaction to DOOM, while rise of the triad was already in development since at least the release of Wolfenstein 3D.

Therefore, The first game to implement rocket jumping into their game was Rise of the Triad.

There is not "horizontal dimention" in doom engine. there's a R2 vector that governs movement, that had the potential to be an R3 vector because the engine was design around XYZ axii

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