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Same button placements.

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What was the most influential controller of the fourth generation? The SNES gamepad. It too was a game changer. It forced Sega to redesign their gamepad mid release cycle AGAIN to remain competitive. It was copied by Sony for the Playstation and that has only seen evolutionary changes since on that console. Again, this is a ‘no exceptions’ example and needs no further explanation.

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non-segmentated d-pads are better and feel more natural, while still holding precision.

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This was for >>3262864

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I'm looking to enhance my retro experiences. Playing with the keyboard hasn't been as comfy as I wished (playing games with keyboard + mouse is fine but two hands on the keyboard hurts my arms). Truth be told I never ever tried a controller on PC so I want to change that.

Any suggestions? What is /vr/ using?
I'm emulating NES, SNES, GB/C and GBA. Might end up emulating PS1 and PSP for their RPGs eventually too. Are those 3 bucks SNES controllers worth anything? http://www.gearbest.com/mice-keyboards/pp_261728.html I'm not exactly rich but I wouldn't mind putting more money into it considering how big my backlog is.

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Don't call it the "PAL one", the one I have is the Super Famicom.

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Why don't Nintendo or other companies make their own USB reproduction controllers?

They could be compatible with Virtual Console games as well as lelimsonerdy people would probably jump at the chance to buy them.

I don't want to buy some old SNES controller a kid rubbed between his asscheeks at a slumber party.

What are the best reproduction controllers/brands for each system?

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Yeah, the SNES AC cable won't even fit on the SFC.
As other anon said, you can use a Genesis AC.
Also, be sure to get at least one SFC pad, they're not as good as the SNES ones because the cables are shorter, but damn they're pretty.

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>I like how the buttons on the controller are the exact same color and shade as found on the buffalo snes retro usb pads.

You mean the same as the original SNES pad?

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Anyone else partially into retro gaming because it's cheaper than current gen?

I don't even have a HD tv - a TV is a TV so I still have my 2000 model, plus I hate flat screens - and I find it pretty cheap. I already know all the games that came out, all the ones to buy, I can buy several retro games for the price it takes to buy one new one.

I would collect these games anyway but I buy them instead of current games and wait for the gen to end, when everything is cheap, to get the newer stuff.

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