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>mfw medkit mimic turns into a fucking mini chaingunner

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>Playing Doom 64.wad
>Doom 64 has an echo effect on distant minsters
>Combine that with MoonManDoom so now when I'm solving a puzzle I occasionally here a quiet WHATS GOOD NIGGA?!" in the distance.

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>all of these assblasted manchildren still upset about the SNES classic
Don't mind these clowns OP. Enjoy your new system. Pretty much every game on there is solid. Mario world, super metroid, and earthbound are my personal top picks.

Also if you ever get the chance, you can easily hack the system and load more roms onto it.

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>Race Drivin'
Hey, haven't seen that one in a while! It was a fun experience when I was a kid. It was a little obtuse, but enjoyable once you figured it out.

>mfw all the rediculous ways you can crash

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wew lad

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