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And another one I really like. Couldn't fit the whole thing in without the filesize going over the limit!

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This might be a stupid question, but I am trying to co-op Back to Saturn X episode 1 with a buddy and there's multiplayer spawns, in the very first level there is a revenant and a spider mastermind right at the beginning. Is there any way to disable multiplayer monster and weapon spawns? A setting somewhere? I appreciate any help.

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Could one of you anons help? I've been trying to play Doom RPG with DoomRLA and the monsters pack. The hud doesn't work correctly but I've loaded everything right (I think) with the launcher, and I've even tried using a .bat file. I get the vanilla Doom hud and nothing works right. Any ideas on how to fix? Am I doing something wrong? I've updated to the latest gzdoom.

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