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Hi /vg/, I grew up in the NES/SNES era but I never experienced a JRPG until the PS1 introduced me to Final Fantasy. Though it's not my favorite or most played genre, I've enjoyed them ever since. I realised recently I never really experienced any of the classics from the time before 3D and I'd like to get started.

What are the must play RPGs from the classic 2d era and where should I start? I'd prefer to start with 16 bit gen, but open-top earlier if it's still worth playing.

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I wana play a retro RPG, like 16/32 bit generation game. Anyone have a suggestion?

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This guy combined with the music and feeling of being on your own spooked the fuck outta me when I was a kid

Also the fatalities in mk4 made me cry and run away like a fag

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