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Shills, nothing else to it. They aren't very critical on anything they get sent, they just accept free shit to """review""" and continue to hype up for free with the expected Amazon referral link and is never spoken of again once the video is done.
Seriously tho, there needs to be more in depth controller reviews out there besides joysticks

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just tell them to buy our $59.99 NES minis like the good law abiding goyim they are

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>They're only $5 if you buy the cheap third party shit
He's speaking the truth.

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Which Nintendo deserved in every way by personally offending the CEO of Sony with their bullshit.

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>ask the buyer from the Super Nintendos SNES and NES listing if meant both the NES Classic and SNES Classic
>if he says yes, buy both for $180
>sell them and buy actual SNES games

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Heh heh, yes, good goy!

>5 points have been deposited into your My Nintendo account

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Good goy. Fall into the redpill meme.
Yes... Just as planned...

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>Goy buy whatever power

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> Jewish_IQ_Baseball


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>At time of writing there is less than 21 hours to go. $2400 from reaching the $80000 stretch goal of upgrading the CHR ROM.

shill elsewhere please

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>"nostalgic retro indie game that takes you back to the 8-bit era!"
>"gameboy" graphics that look nothing like the gameboy, way too detailed, BUT THEY'RE UNDER A BLACK AND GREEN FILTER AND ARE BLOCKY!
>pseudo-NES music made in GXSCC
>doesn't play anything like a Gameboy or NES game, too fluid
>you know what makes a retro game truly retro? a password save system. everyone loved that shit right? well our game has one!
>probably also has some retarded ironic I Wanna Be The Guy-style traps because retro games are supposed to be hard

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>Crash of the Titans
Have anybody else noticed the recent "gimmick wave" of popular mascot platformer installments?

>Crash of the Titans
>Can't just make a good new Crash game, we should shove in some gimmick about rideable titans, design the game entirely around it and make something entirely unrecognizable

>Sonic and the Black Knight
>Can't just make a good new Sonic game, we should shove in some gimmick about swordfighting, design the game entirely around it and make something entirely unrecognizable

>Spyro Skylanders
>Can't just make a good new Spyro game, we should shove in some gimmick about action figures, design the game entirely around it and make something entirely unrecognizable

>Kirby's EPIC XD Yarn (okay this one wasn't that bad but is ultimately the same deal)

This has been bugging me. It's like several developers have conspired to shit out new games in loved series, completely run into the ground and rendered unrecognizable by some shitty shoehorned gimmick.

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better version

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I love classic turn-based grindy JRPGs and can't really bring myself to play the supposedly "fun" ARPGs like Terranigma or JRPGs that do it "differently" (not too hot for Lufia or Tales of series for example)

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>games being a business at the end of the day.
This is the ultimate truth of the matter, I know.

Fucking capitalism.

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/vr/, I am having trouble trying to remember an arcade game that I played in the early 2000s (no later than 2002).
I can only remember that it was a flight combat game (not simulator but more like a rail shooter type) and I get to control fourth generation jet fighters (the F-14 was in there although it probably wasn't named F-14 in game).
Pls halp.

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oh boy here we go

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>Want to buy a copy of Harvest Moon 64 CIB
>For a 15 year old game

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Question for all the retard apologists in this thread? If your retro vidya is worth so much and in such high demand why dont your vidya shops ever stay open more than 2 months.

so do I you stupid fuck but there are MORE COPIES OF THAT SPECIFIC EXAMPLE I GAVE YOU than there are PEOPLE WHO WANT THAT SPECIFIC GAME. seriously how are you born so fucking stupid? What dictates the price to you, the maximum amount you can jew out of a retard?

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>Better, more detailed graphics despite the Genesis being able to display far less colors than the SNES
Simple, bland graphics that look like they just hurried up to finish production on time

>Features an original, in-depth storyline told through cinematic cutscenes which was way ahead of its time
Save the princess. Wow. How creative (and sexist). Also no cutscenes.

>Truly outstanding music soundtrack with many catchy, technically impressive tunes obviously created by professionals who have studied music extensively, including Micheal Jackson.
A few catchy tunes here and there, nothing really noteworthy.

>Cutting edge game designed specifically to take full advantage of the then state of the art Genesis hardware.
Essentially just a rehash of a game from the previous generation, which was originally based on arcade games from even more generations ago.

>Even after 20 years there is still nothing else quite like /vr/ Sonic. Few games have even attempted, and none have succeeded.
Countless Mario clones shitting up the video game market for decades.

There's probably other stuff I'm forgetting.

Basically Sonic is better than Mario is virtually every way.

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