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I wish we could hear more of the demo uncompressed music. Dat Flame Mammoth demo sounds absolutely amazing and even has a missing solo section. Chrono Trigger also has similar unreleased demo music used in trailers.

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>head only a third of the size Hackiyama draws it

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Luckily Cross was spared the fate of being designed by that sameface hack Toriyama.

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Because Toriyama is a sameface hack and shouldn't have been drawing in the first place. Luckily the sprites only remotely look like his shit.

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Trigger fanboys are mentally ill and stuck in a preschool level of intellect. You can always easily tell by them not being able to comprehend even the basic plot of Cross.

>iconic Akira Toriyama art
>we could have gotten this instead of yelling blonde electric retards sameface garbage

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>head and shoulders above Chrono Trigger in every category

No big feat considering how shit CT is.

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Why did they change the Chrono Trigger designs? The early ones were much cooler and more distinguished.

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Fucking hack, we could have had a much cooler roster.

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Earlier Robo looked cool af

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>it could have been cool as fuck classic anime style
>instead it's sameface Toriyama garbage

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LMAO it's always the stunted manchildren who bitch about Cross. How telling. Also fuck Toriyama and his sameface garbage.

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early sketches

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Chrono stuff

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Lucca's my favorite character in the series, I love her involvement and words in CC as well. We can always enjoy what little remains of her original waifu self. Ayla is also far cooler in these sketches imo.

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This myth again. "Many better writers" created small scenarios in CT, but it was Kato who took the main idea and ran with it. It was Kato who alongside the producers developed the main draft. Hell it was Kato who did the first playable character designs before they were Toriyama'd. Kato wasn't "limited" to a single chapter, otherwise he wouldn't have been credited as the single scenario developer and he wouldn't have had a say in the myriad things he did. All of this would be evident if you read any development material for CT.

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The website you quote sums it up nicely:
>in Chrono Trigger, Mr. Yuji Horii wrote the basic plot line first; following that, it was editted and rewritten by me (Kato), and even further on after that, the sub-scenarios were created by Mr. Tokita and Mr. Kitase.
Sub-scenarios =/= main scenario. Main scenario was developed by Kato. It's evident in the fact that the very first sketches of the main characters were done by him, and redrawn by Toriyama later on. Also by the fact that, as he admits and the game validates, he's the only one credited with the final story.

There's no "upwards of a dozen writers" anywhere. There's a story planner (Kato) and there's three event planners, and that's it.

>That's why it's pervasive in every single time period. Because he decided his little pet scenario should be the most important one in the game.
Sure he worked on Zeal 100%, but the rest is conjecture on your part. He wrote the main scenario, of course it was going to be focused on his favorite part.

>So important that the subsequent sequels even revolved around what was going to be otherwise yet-another-time-era.
You are the dense one if you think Cross revolves around Zeal. Zeal is not even in the damn game. And it shows up for a grand total of one screen in Radical Dreamers. Zeal is not a significant part of the plot of either game at all; Schala and the Flame are.

>but you're pretending to be dense if you don't understand why Trigger fans hate the post-trigger canon so much.
I'm not dense. Cross is based around Schala. She's not Zeal and she's not why the fans hate the sequels.

The fans hate them because it's not CT2: Electric Boogaloo, and because it implies that Crono and company not only are not omnipotent warriors, but also that they maybe did something wrong by messing with time.

We all know this is the main reason. "They killed the main characters (even though they're alive in Another)!" "it doesn't take place in the same world (even when it does)!" etc.

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>Chrono Cross was almost random as fuck with its reusing of CT elements.

>You know, when they weren't just "Character you liked from CT is NOW DEEEEEEEEAAAAAD
It's annoying when people hate CC for this, because it's untrue. CT characters die ON HOME WORLD.

Did you play CC and read the story it showed? Home World is the world that emerged due to Serge surviving. Most things in Home World are bad except for Serge living (El Nido is still a colony, for example).

The CT "ghosts" show up in Home World. Johnny shows up in a vision of the ruined future that Serge's existence brings about.

There's only three characters that die in Another World (which is the main timeline from CT): Gato, Lucca and Robo. One's a minor NPC robot. The other is implied to have survived. And the other's death may have been undone through Cross's ending.

By the way, even if Robo and the present gang are dead for good (highly unlikely), CC's writer and director, Masato Kato, was the one who created and developed the main CT characters. So I think he's entitled to kill them as he sees fit.

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>More like the guy so butthurt that people preferred the game made by tons of other people rather than his own fanfic of it that he went back and added a bunch of endings in an attempt to canonize his oh-so-grimdark fanfic wankery.
Yeah, it's not like he wrote the entire outline of Trigger's story, developed the whole plot from Horii "heroes save the world by travelling through time" concept, and drew the original sketches of all characters.

He's the creator as far as the story is concerned, and your tears only make Lucca's death that much more canon.

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