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OP again

I find it super natural, personally. I grew up in contact with people of all sorts of age/background when it comes to computer/consoles. When I was 15-16, it was a 55 years old guy who introduced me to the Atari ST disk swapping and cracktro scene. It was also super common in BBS to interact with young/old people, this was also the same atmosphere in computer clubs. And if you're a bit into mainframe computing history and the early machine networks, you can quickly witness such age diversity as well. It's only more recently than computer culture started to be seen as some fragmented market. With some irony, I think that the late 90s democratisation and increasing marketing of consoles as something for kids and teenagers lead to this situation where "old" and "young" being mixed.

Nice to see such community thread. I went ahead anyway, because I wanted to have a lighter thread just about age and gender, the later not being asked in the thread you point at anyway. I do enjoy the anecdotes telling and discussion drift going on here though.

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