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Nice Image.

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Zombies will be where you get most of your ammo. There's a lot of ammo pick ups through out all of Doom1 and 2 but zombies, shotgunners, and chaingunners will be buffering your ammo count for your primary weapons heavily, very often.

You don't really have to kill anything to progress beyond a couple end boss segments here and there, and those typically max out your ammo/armor beforehand. Unless you're missing a lot you shouldn't be running out of ammo. I'd need to see where you're at and if you have any goofball mods on to give a more accurate assessment, but in both Doom 1 and 2 you should be able to comfortably kill every single monster in every single episode/level, outside of the beginning of Inferno where at least in the first level IIRC, you really need to skip a couple cacodemons and imps because all you have is the starting pistol and 50 rounds, but even in that shitty spot you can come back later and kill them after you've pushed through the level a bit.

Really the only time ammo and health is some outrageously precious resource is Thy Flesh Consumed, which if you're new to Doom (and you probably are) you shouldn't be attempting until you've accustomed yourself with the rest of Doom, and maybe even Doom 2, for experience. That entire episode and the beginning in particular is just a giant shit sandwich of balls to the wall difficulty and ammo/health management, even for long time players.

The only time I can think of where secrets can make or break you is TFC, on Ultra Violence, and that's really only if you intend to kill just about everything you meet.

Take a screen shot of where you're at in game, maybe of the map screen. You're either in way over your head in some shithole noob grinder like Inferno or TFC or you're way overthinking some minor area.

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Plutonia is a real polarizer in the community, for reasons you have encountered, and loads more to come. You either get it, or you don't, and it seems so far you get it. Welcome brother (or sister).

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good thread

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>It also has a crunk soundtrack.
That too, Blood Jungle is one of my favorites. Honestly, TNT has a lot of great songs and really good maps in it, even if there are some mediocre ones, and replaying it has been really fun.

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Jesus dude spoiler that shit

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About to finish TNT for the first time ever after many many years of postponing it, and holy shit it's been a hell of a ride, should have embarked sooner.
Will go for Plutonia once I'm done.

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Goddamnit kegan, if that's you again

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What's the difference between ZDoom, QZDoom and GZDoom exactly?

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Just here to remind you all that this was a thing

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Doors that open at a distance, but slowly, and with chain gunners behind them that start firing (thus, hitting you) nearly instantly, and you must get closer, and also take a shot before you can save yourself.

Especially if there is no cover. It's basically the mapmaker saying "I put too many health packs and soulspheres into the map before this point, so here I am taking a chunk of that back, because fuck you."

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got you covered friend

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Alright how about this

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