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Am I seriously the only one who finds Punky Skunk to be a fun, above-average platformer?

Everyone seems to judge it based on the protagonist being a failed mascot with a dumb name (and sure, it is a dumb name), or just 'who the fuck would want to play as a cartoon skunk'... but they also just take it for granted that the game sucks shit.

Yet I'm playing it for the first time now (zero nostalgia) and it has great sprite work and pixel art in general (could it have run on the SNES like it was originally meant to? who knows, but I don't give a shit; the game looks really charming and lively), varied & fun gameplay, and it doesn't even feel like it's trying to be 'edgy' as much as cute; hell, it's closer to Klonoa or Kirby than it is to Gex.

Plus it's done by the same people who made Skyblazer so there's obvious game-making skill in there. It just feels weird to dismiss it as 'soulless critter-with-attitude garbage' when it's a pretty well done obscure game..

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