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Anyone here want to try a 1CC co-op run of 2nd Squad? It's on FightCade, which makes things easier

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I've been working on a Shock Troopers 2nd Squad 1cc for a fair bit. I used to take the second route often, but now I stick to the first route because the second's Stage 3 boss crashes the game if there's too many explosions on screen, which screws with strategies and co-op runs. That, and the Stage 3 boss for the first route is much easier, anyway. Currently I've been able to reach the final stage a few times, but I've only seen the final boss once.
Aside from that, I've 1cc'd dozens of fighting games (mainly because that's the genre I play the most) and Puzzle Bobble. I've also been working on a 1cc run of Blazing Star, but not nearly as frequently as I have with 2nd Squad.

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