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I had the idea a while back that the Strogg were supposed to create a massive conflict with the human race to draw their armies away from Earth so that Shub-Niggurath could be reborn and take over the planet while the armies were marching on Stroggos. That would be the reason why the Strogg insignia is the phoenix bird. And that Quake 5 would have three protagonists: Kane, Bitterman and Ranger. A gigantic slipgate would swallow the entire Earth and transport it to the universe of Quake and the heroes would need to follow, find the evil goddess and return the planet to our reality. Possibly by hijacking their mega-slipgate accelerator and using the entire planet Earth to telefrag the Quake homeworld out of existence.

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Would there ever be any way to merge the Quake and Strogg lore? Like for example the idea that the Strogg were actually a cult secretly trying to resurrect Shub-Niggurath? (hence the Phoenix in their flag)

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forgot pic

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