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>> Favorite Doom game
Doom 1

>> Favorite Source port

>> Favorite mod
Depends, right now it's Combined Arms

>> Favorite retro fps
Other than Doom, Quake and Blood

>> Left handed or right handed

>> How much you weigh
60 kg, I'm fucking anemic, I swear to god

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The Jaguar port is actually pretty good, runs smoothly (and that's probably because Carmack himself worked on it and was one of the few people who were smart or patient enough to figure out how to get the damn thing to perform). Has all the levels, very little areas cut, graphics are fine, however, the big backlash against it is that it just does not have any of the music, and that's a tragedy because the music is like a third of the game's pleasure.

The GBA ports are... what they are. They're still Doom, but they're censored (green blood, blame the fucking Germans), framerate isn't very fast unless you turn off shadows and darkness. My big complaint is that the GBA port of 1 cuts out the bosses pretty much, no Cyberdemon, no Spidermastermind, Dis is replaced with Warrens, and that's it.

The port of 2 is MUCH better in that all the levels are there (two of the really big ones are split up in two each due to memory constraints, but they're all still there). All the monsters are there, however, the AI is limited due to memory constraints, if you get far enough away, the monsters just forget about you and ignore you.
There can be an Arch-Vile in the distance, and they're dangerous to deal with, but you can stay where you are and just plink away at him until he dies because he just won't register your existence unless you're close enough. The blood is green too, again thanks to Germany, and also the Wolfenstein levels are sort of censored and the SS troopers are reskinned as Zombiemen troopers.

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I want to try this. Any links?

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>white the
*what the
I was just remembering what makes me a better human being and it kinda got muddled in with my post.

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Best map wads for Doom RPG?

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Okay I can't deal with this anymore.
Switching to ZDoom, hope there isn't a level with too many monsters.

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I'll give you a clue.

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so I'm starting to realize
Thanks for the sky though, I'll test it with that.

I lost all my resources when Megaupload shut down...and my Zdoom mods and countless maps I created

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