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>late 2012/early 2013 /vr/ is made
>N64, Saturn, and PS1 are considered retro

But this just gives further reason to bump up the cutoff date.

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Also, time to filter newfags who claim /vr/ rules "never changed".

Also reminder to everyone that 6th gen apparently is so triggering that these same faggots go and shit up the /qa/ thread on this same topic.

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Reminder that PS1/N64/Saturn weren't considered retro enough when the board first started, but were soon allowed not long afterwards.
And then a year later Dreamcast was allowed because of the release of 8th gen consoles.
9th generation of gaming is just around the corner, PlayStation 5s coming out later this year

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Not that anon, but time changes, fifth generation consoles weren't even considered retro back when the board first started

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