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>explain how it matters and why anyone should care.
That's like asking why sequels exist and why elements are reused in general. You're already emotionally embedded, there is built-in context and weight to things. FromSoftware tried enacting the same feeling as picrel with Anor Londo. The timeline and how he is that one constant in a (literal) sea of ever-changing variables is what makes Ganondorf a special villain and what made many people fall in love with the character for the first time in Wind Waker, coveting a place and people the game doesn't even show in cutscenes because he's self-evidently talking about OoT

And knowing it's actually supposed to be the same rather than just some reference carries a lot more weight. Obviously not the same roller-coaster ride of emotions that you encounter when revisiting your old home or school or running into your old teacher (rather than just a person reminding you of them), but it's that principle. Not sure why you need something so obvious explained

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