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I loved this game as a teen, even thought it was way less about horror than I imagined because of the trailers.
The final twist was pretty insane but retarded. But cool nonetheless.

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>I will never have lightgun support with modern screens

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>no cameo by Adrienne

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>ywn have such a gigachad jawline
Why even live?

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>Phatasmogoria 2
Kino. If you're too lazy to play it at least watch the game dungeon video

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>mfw I can't beat a single Contra game
>tractor enemies filter me in C1

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>tfw I still have my super slim, tiny PS2
>tfw it works, but only when I press down on the tray now for some reason

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Actually this one. For years I would never even play through Super Mario World by beating all the worlds, I'd just go to Star Road and beat the game through that instead.

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youtube/e celebs have contributed to this fucked up market. i fucking hate youtube so much.

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Seeing AVGN today just makes me sad.

You were supposed to keep the zoomers out of retro gaming not to encourage them.

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wtf rude.

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another classic (reaction gif)

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Speaking of Phantasmagoria, I fucking love Phantasmagoria 2. It may not be a good game, but it's a good interactive movie. The music, the acting, etc. it's so fucking comfy. It's like watching a really bad 90s made for TV sci-fi movie.

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I fucking loved Phantasmagoria 1 and 2. They weren't really good as games because most of the puzzles were retarded use-key-on-door tier "puzzles", but as interactive movies they were both 5/5. I liked Phantasmagoria 2 better than the first one because the second one had actual sets instead of those weird 90s CGI backgrounds.

Phantasmagoria 2 is great because it's so cheesy and comfy at the same time, I really do feel like I'm watching some MST3K featured b-movie when I play it. Of course the puzzles are really weak and there's lots of pixel hunting, but I still loved it. It's probably very unlikely that there will ever be another Phantasmagoria game, the second one was already a flop for some reason even though it's 100% more of a game than the first one.

I also liked how Phantasmagoria 2 has nothing to do with the first game, they really should had made more Phantasmagoria games and make it as some sort of horror anthology series or something. Hell, digitally released episodic format of Phantasmagoria 3 could work nowadays pretty well.

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Phantasmagoria 1 & 2. They're both kinda meh-tier point'n'click adventure games because they rely so heavily on the FMV. All the "puzzles" -if you can even call them that- in Phantasmagoria are ridiculously dumb. They're literally "use key on door" -tier.

The charm of these games is the FMV. The full motion video in Phantasmagoria 1 is not great and looks really weird when all the characters are real actors, but the backgrounds are this weird 90s CGI.

But Phantasmagoria 2... oh fucking man, this is the greatest FMV game of all time. I'm not kidding you, this is the perfect example of FMV done right. It's a shitty game alright, but if you can look past that and think this as interactive movie instead, you're about to have some good time. I would consider this as The Room of video games. Of course the acting is much better in Phantasmagoria 2 than in The Room, but still, if Phantasmagoria 2 was a movie it would be considered as one of those all time best "movies so bad they're good" kind of classics.

Play Phantasmagoria 2 with a friend, you'll be quoting this game for the rest of your lives. The soundtrack, the plot, the characters... it's fucking great, man.

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>curtis goes to therapist
>tells how he's attracted to trevor out of fucking nowhere

It's no big deal, but goddamn the writers went just all out with the drama and cheese.

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You're not a nice person

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Gawd I want Hagane so bad but I can't throw down so much for it. Hopefully I'll get lucky one day

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I remember that one tragic day when Half-Life servers disappeared and I had to install steam.

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>It's a pretty bad game.

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