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Why was it so much worse than the other ports?

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>PC game being a PC game
Tell me, where exactly was the cartridge slot on the PC?

>with PC features
Poop metal is a PC feature?
Use of CD's and FULL MOTION VIDEO is a PC feature?

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>Past: Just another Doom port to consoles that no-one bothered to check because people had the real deal on PC with hundreds of custom maps to play
>Present: lol the music sucks because X person said so, worst doom port ever

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Someone apparently converted a bunch of Doom songs to run off of the Sega Genesis / Megadrive audio processor, as a proof of concept for how Doom on 32X should have sounded. It's pretty kick ass.



If the game actually sounded like that, and of it had more levels, 32X Doom could have been a legit contender for the best retro console version of the game (from a technical perspective Doom for Jaguar was the best, but it unfortunately does not have any music at all which knocks it down a few pegs).

I wonder if it would be viable to do a hack for 32X doom to make the music sound like that? I know people have hacked the game to give it more levels from the PC version, but I imagine that tinkering with the game's audio is a somewhat different beast. Maybe I am just a sucker for wanting to see turds polished, but I wish someone with programming skills would look into it.

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Hey, the Chorus of Farts is back!

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