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I have 80-some loose Famicom carts and a handful of other carts for various systems; some sealed, some loose. My collection is largely comprised of loose hardware.

2x AV Famicom
1x Original Famicom
1x TinyNES NES Clone
1x SFC Jr.
1x Random SNES Clone
1x PAL SMS (PAL-60 Composite Modded)
1x Mark III
2x Genesis 3
4x GB Pocket
2x GB Boy Colour
2x Analogue Pocket
1x 2600 Jr.
1x Cart modified Atari FlashBack 2
2x ColecoVision (one is a parts machine)
1x Modern ColecoVision Clone
2x Atari 130XE
1x Atari 65XE (Boxed)
1x Modern Atari XE/XL Clone
1x Macintosh LC II (w/ 68030 upgrade card)
1x Macintosh Plus
1x Macintosh 512Ke
1x Macintosh Plus I hacked into a PC case
2x Apple IIe (Actively trying to get rid of these, 1 is a parts machine)

I just sold all my PC Engine stuff, I don't think I'm forgetting anything. I was diagnosed with OCD this year, which explained why I've always felt like I "had" to have doubles and triples of almost everything... trying to not do that anymore as it's utterly insane. I use flashcarts and disk emulators for everything in terms of software.

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That is slick. I'd probably go with the original Famicom or PC Engine.

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I recently sold most of my spare machines —but I kept my AV Famicoms because they kick ass.

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The US models are fine if you don't mind RF, I don't, and I've owned several over the years. $80 is reasonable, they typically go between that and $100 in decent shape. They're not super rare but not super common either.
>Plus, they mentioned that the AV Famicom needs a power down converter or the system would get too hot
That's just misinformation. For starters, you can use Japanese PSUs in the US without issue, the power supply itself will run marginally warmer, not the console. Secondly, the AV and original Famicom can use 9V DC 850-1000mA Center Pin Negative PSUs, you can buy one on Amazon for $10. Sega Genesis Model 1 PSUs are compatible. You shouldn't really be running any console with 30-40 year old power supplies at this point; modern switching PSUs are drastically better for your machines. If you are interested, you can get AV Famicoms cheaper than NES-101s and they have better video to boot.

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They will just yellow again, and you're taking years off the life of the plastic. Bleach kills your hair —I don't know why anyone would want to put it on their consoles.
This anon is the real deal

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You can get a beat, yellow, but functional "white" original model PCE for ~$50, but games cost a fortune, and controllers are bizarrely rare and ~$30 for a decent one. It's overall an expensive console to get into; and that's just talking about HuCard games. A huge portion of the library is CD-ROM2, and getting a working CD unit is virtually impossible unless it's been refurbished or you do it yourself, even broken DUO units like OP are a couple hundred, and putting together a "suitcase" is only a little cheaper (and still broken). I bought a few cheap PCEs, an RGB expansion port dongle, a few controllers, and a Turbo EverDrive a few years back, but I'm missing such a big chunk of the library I barely play it anymore. Been thinking about getting out of the PCE game altogether honestly.

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Famicom; I always had a thing for the NES, but the Famicom is more appealing now for the larger, weirder library, and the various different hardware iterations. There's always something to play, whether I'm playing for a few minutes or a few hours.

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Bin full of mostly Famicom games, 4 Famicoms, 3 PC Engines, 1 2600 Jr. I have a bunch of other Dreamcast / Genesis / 32X shit in storage back home, but I think I'm going to sell it when I get around to it. Pic mostly related, but I sold the NES-101s last week.

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No, they're absolute tanks. I buy all mine 'untested' and I've never received one that doesn't work. My one-armed-bandit in the top left had a bad Controller II that I removed, that's the worst issue I've ever had. My NES-101s on the other hand feel like they would shatter if I sneezed on them. PC Engines are similarly indestructible, since they're also in the pic.

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