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It may actually have been too complex gameplay-wise. I just played it for a bit and after some extremely basic early levels, it's almost like Hexen on a prototype Wolf3D engine. There are teleports, destructable walls, four key colors (that I found, and they're single-use unlike Wolf3D or Doom keys), the enemies are fairly sturdy and numerous, demanding a lot of clicking or slow charged shots, and I just wandered through a series of teleporters to find this scroll giving me a hint about a maze in some other level that I haven't been to yet.

The real reasons I'd assume it wasn't a major success like Wolf both stem from its publishing. It's one of the games id made under contract to Softdisk, who had some fairly strict limitations on hardware requirements for their games. Hope you like EGA graphics, PC speaker sound effects, and one single short loop of music taken from Keen 4. Also, because it was published by Softdisk, it wasn't so widely available as id's later Apogee- and self-published shareware titles. You could find a copy of Wolf3D or Doom's shareware anywhere, but as far as I know you could only get Catacomb 3D if you had a subscription to Gamer's Edge magazine.

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