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Hey /vr, so I dusted off my Ocarina of Time cartridge the other day just to mess around. And I got in a big Zelda nostalgia kick. And I'm thinking of tooling around in the 64-bit Hyrule that I had been gone from for so long. Which has got me to thinking of all the secrets that were hidden in the game. Remember back in the day with the whole Triforce mess and the hunt for all manner of hidden stuff?

Does anybody think there may be some undiscovered tidbits still in the game (remember that the hidden Arwing was found only recently).

And besides that, what are some not-so-well-known hidden things (random grottos, etc.) and what are some curiosities that never got explained? (the clawmarks on the tree at Lake Hulia, the bird statue that tells you the time, etc.)

Discuss. I love video game mysteries.

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