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I mean most of the guys played D&D together in their spare time.
Hell, the guy they hired late in development as a level designer, Sandy Petersen, was writing for Dragon magazine, and had written and published his own Call Of Cthulu pen and paper RPG before, he likely approached level design like he would as a GM; like a dungeon crawl.

Dungeons & Dragons had its own share of copying going on.
A lot of the music was based on stuff like that, John Romero handed Bobby Prince a big stack of rock, metal, and grunge CDs from his collection, and told him to make the music sound just like this, which he agreed to do under the premise that he would be free of any potential legal repercussions, that iD Software would take all responsibility.
Bobby Prince actually fully expected them to get into a massive legal storm over it, but remarkably, they didn't.

There's some more original stuff in there too, E2M1 for instance copies the main riff off of AC/DC's Big Gun, but then you look at E2M8, E1M8, and E2M4, to name a few, which are all original. Doom 2 samples from more places, but a lot of it is pretty subtle, some you'd barely hear without listening closely.

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I mean, he's an 80+ year old mormon, so probably, but he also seems professional enough to separate politics from entertainment, an increasingly sought after trait in the 21st century.

Yes I do. Sandy too, apparently.

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It's hard to not like caco.
I don't think they're too fragile though, it's not like you can one-shot them with the rocket launcher or SSG. They're not flying Barons (ergo, HP Blimps), but it's the kind of monster where you need to deal with him sooner rather than later, because you can't just mow him down with little effort, like low tier mooks, and he can reach you in places most other monsters cannot.

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