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I dont think every thread is going to be flooded with screenshots, dunno how its been with past events

some people just work on their stuff in silence, and as far as I know the people who already posted screenshots are still in the race

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a whole dimension that is just a neverending fucked up hell factory
you know like that one Borges story about the library of babel? the one where people are born and die in the halls of this infinite maze of interconnected hexagons full of books?

and to add insult to injury its getting corrupted by fucked up lovecraft hell daemons so they have to survive by barely scraping shit from their surroundings, could be a nice excuse to include the nailgun/perforator, you just nicked a crude homemade weapon from some poor sod that got eaten by a shambler

yeah, something like that
or maybe Ranger's original Dimension having this bizarre marine corps where they think its a good idea to send out soldiers with nothing more than an axe and a shotgun as their basic kit, I dunno

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nigga if you bothered to pick up SLADE you could have done it in 5 minutes

>open up in SLADE
>edit the graphic with program of your choice
>place back in
If I could do it so can you, pick up SLADE
love SLADE

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>Evolution of the wad
neat but ded
>video gay
ded but not really just a lazy bum
pro quake when
coolest of the bunch
>joel from vinesauce
cool if your cup of tea
probably nothing you dont know already but his documentaries are really well produced
his recent stuff is neat

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hopefully I did a better job than this OP

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so whats the deal with the DRM magazines in HD?
you can load one up anyways but the gun will tell you to go fuck yourself and screw the ammo counter on purpose

then if you want to reload magazines bullet by bullet they fucking explode in your hand
I don't remember the mod being this cheeky in prior versions

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